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Micro Finance Software
Micro finance has become a complex and highly competitive business demanding an integrated business management and banking system that can:
  1. Implement business credit rules effectively
  2. Manage cash and electronic transactions at branch level
  3. Provide management with real-time information on the state of their business
  4. Receive and send data to external parties such as the Credit Bureaus
  5. Manage debt collections
  6. Report vital data to regional and branch management
Proposed Credit Bill will make the lending environment more onerous and businesses will require a system that can meet the demands of proposed legislation.

The African Cash Banking System:

  1. Has been developed by experts who collectively have over 20 years experience in the cash lending industry.
  2. Has unique features that will allow any organization engaged in lending activities to effectively mange their lending and collections operations.

If it’s just a banking system you want, this software is not for you. In the real world of lending money you want a system that will help you lend money to the right people. This software will guide you to do just that. Our dual score card system (Internal score card and bureau score card) will guide you, the banker, to make the right decisions and lend money to those most likely to repay at the end of the day. It will even guide you with repeat customer loans through a profiling system.

Yes… there is a built in banking system as well to keep everything on track, but also a collections system to help you get your money back.

This software is specifically aimed at the micro loans market. It features include Cash Management (i.e. A Teller and Bulk Cash system) for those companies that give money over the counter and/or Electronic payment (EFT) and debit orders. All transactions captured are “Real Time” viz. can be seen, as transactions are processed at any branch. There is no branch database and administration, only one main server and its administration.

Throughout the development of the software, input from specialists in Credit Risk, Granting, Operations and Collections were continually used making this software operationally practical for the micro finance market. It can easily be used in a centralized or decentralized environment or both.
This application software works over a WAN and was built on the Microsoft platform using and SQL database and developed and designed by the Software Manager/Architect of very successful micro finance company in South Africa having in excess of 150 branches throughout South Africa with escalating year on year profits.

Products, Prices, Scoring, etc, can be easily changed by the user subject to the user’s access level within the system, e.g. Interest rates per product and risk can be changed by the authorised users as determined by the Directors of the business. Furthermore all user access functions can be dynamically created, depending on the business requirements/rules.

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